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Money, Prices, the Markets of Slaves and Land

Money, Prices, the Markets of Slaves and Land

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Over a couple of decades, a great deal of history research has been devoted to the study of the monetary experiences and the markets of slave and land of Europe and the U.S in the seventeenth through the nineteenth century. However, the monetary history and the slave and land markets of Korea during this period remain almost unknown. This book introduces a monograph on money, prices and markets of slaves and land in Chosun Korea. In this book, consistent time series on the money, the price level, prices of slave and land are constructed which have previously not been used for an investigation of this kind in Korea. This book, therefore, provides a new source and scope of economic history on Joseon Korea, supplemental to the Asian studies and the international comparative studies. This study should be especially useful to professionals in economic history and history, or anyone else who may be interested in studying Asian history for academic efforts.
in the seventeenth through nineteenth century of Chosun Korea