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Financial Sector Reforms and Soundness of Non-Bank Finance Companies

Financial Sector Reforms and Soundness of Non-Bank Finance Companies

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This BOOK has research on the analysis of Financial Sector Reforms'' impact on the soundness of NBFCs operating in Pakistan. To update the previous work, a latest review has also been included in the book. I have 21-year long successful banking career that includes: one year working experience with Standard Chartered Bank Karachi, two years with Economic Policy and Strategic Planning Department, Islamic Development Bank, Jeddah, KSA. Presently I am supervising units of Monetary and Financial Statistics Division, State Bank of Pakistan, Karachi. My reserach area surrounds Socio-Economic developments, Banking and Finance. Recently, I am analysing Credit Risk Management and Performance of Islamic Banks with special focus on Pakistan''s Financial Sector. My future work may focus on the National Accounts and MDGs set by UNO.I have always been open to diversity in ideas, culture and society. I have always maintained that, issues should be resolved through intellectual reasoning. The readers'' comments, guidance and criticism will enrich my knowledge and would give me chance to further improve my analysis and ideas. AZAM ALI: azaminceif@gmail.com
An Impact analysis of Pakistan''s Financial Sector Reforms on the soundness of Non-Bank Finance Companies