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Commercial Banks Turnaround

Commercial Banks Turnaround

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Banking is a catalyst in the development and growth of any economy. Regulatory initiatives have suppressed the augmentation of growth of banking sector for many years. LPG has released the spring which led to buoyance in the growth of banking beyond expectations in size, scale, operations and contribution to the economy. Today banks are piercing into the business with the use of cutting edge technologies and human capital. Indian banks stood on par with international banks in relation to customer service and profitability. The study has analyzed the impact of financial sector reforms on the banking sector taking important dimensions like profitability, operational performance, capitalization, adhering to norms and contribution of human capital. Use of growth rates, correlation, ANOVA, Multiple Regression Analysis and Discriminant Analysis of profitability is rich that added good strength to the data analysis. The book will be useful to bankers, policy makers, Government, researchers and academicians in the field of banking and accounting considering the quality of analysis and information.
... a focus on profitability