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Private Equity Investment in the Healthcare Sector

Private Equity Investment in the Healthcare Sector

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The book provides inside information on Private Equity Healthcare investments starting from theory followed by Private Equity Healthcare deals and Healthcare Sector analysis, ending with the description of main value adding drivers of Private Equity investments in the Healthcare Sector participants, focusing on healthcare service provider and pharmaceutical companies. The main objective of the book is to analyze both private and public data on individuals' health conditions, spending and pharmaceutical companies and to define the investment profitability based on the obtained results. The book is highly recommended for investors, also called Financial Buyers, e.g. Private Equity firms, Investment Banks, Leveraged-Buyout shops, Wealth Management and Private Bankers, investing in the Healthcare Sector targets which generate consistent cash flows over ownership periods and provide favorable exit opportunities, creating additional value in the holding period. In addition, the book is useful for undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students interested in Private Equity as an alternative investment strategy.
Pharmaceutical Companies Perspective