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Disaster Risk Management in Dhaka City

Disaster Risk Management in Dhaka City

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This book is aimed at giving an idea about where we are standing regarding disaster risks in Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh. It started with the disaster management context at the national level and detailed out the development and urban management process of Dhaka City. Vulnerability issues for Dhaka considered flood and earthquake, though in the latter parts earthquake got more attention reasonably. An integrated approach for disaster risk management in Dhaka is yet to develop. The policy measures that have been taken so far in this regard lack proper enforcement. Laudable amount of quality research works have been conducted at the academic level considering the disaster risks that Dhaka holds. There have been some very good initiatives for capacity building in this field including academic programs, training and workshops. Different government and non-government organizations are working for awareness-raising among communities. But lack of coordination and reluctance of the policy makers towards incorporating newer measures in the policy and lack of law enforcement as well, leave Dhaka in a very critical position considering specially the earthquake threat.
An Overview