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Towards the Access to Innovation via Arts

Towards the Access to Innovation via Arts

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An elaborative effort that resulted in this publication derived within the willingness to argue that business community will gain value from a deeper integration of art dimension and to induce the vice versa exchange. With regard to the absence of an established category of art in the usual sociocultural institutionalization, introducing art in the business context is always challenging. Author has chosen to implement art in the environment of domains that share the manifestation of the importance of human element's role in a business setting: human capital's, creative class's, creativity's, and innovation's. Subsequently, business system approach was used for an overview of the whole business model in order to prepare soil for the discussion of arts application therein. It is important to note that art here is suggested not only as a substance which can help in nurturing the above-mentioned fields, but also as a tool for advertising production process. All the other research and literature study, one might say, was employed to frame this novel intent and to give it the right context for its implementation in the actual organizational environment, if only in theoretical terms.
A theoretical analysis of innovation-based economic development with a special attention to art-based processes