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Ethics and Social Responsibility in the Marketing Domain

Ethics and Social Responsibility in the Marketing Domain

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In the area of CSR in Romania, no internal regulations exist. This scientific research outlines a draft law on corporate social responsibility, especially using dispositive juridical norms. At this point in its development, the corporate social responsibility should be regarded from a complex perspective. Although most authors do not include the environmental responsibility as a separate type of social responsibility, the current development of the community in which companies operate, and the complexity of the environmental aspects, justify, in my opinion, the inclusion of the ecological aspects into a separate component of the CSR: ecological responsibility. The analysis instruments come from the economic field and the juridical field. The interdisciplinary scientific research brings new theoretical, methodological and practical inputs, in juridical terms, to the marketing area and, in economic terms, to the law area. This ampler and deeper investigations at the level of the commercial companies, but also at the level of the consumers, can contribute to a better knowledge of the ethics and CSR issues in Romania, for students or specialists from economic or juridical fields.
Economic and Juridical Analysis on Romania, Member State of European Union