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Analysis of Vegetables seed marketing chain

Analysis of Vegetables seed marketing chain

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This study aims at analyzing the market chain of vegetable seed in Haramaya and Chiro districts of East and West Harerghe Zone. The specific objectives of the study include, describing problems and opportunities in vegetable seed marketing chain, to assess the structure-conduct and performance of vegetable seed marketing, and to analyze the determinants of vegetable seed market supply and demand. The analysis was made using descriptive statistics and econometric model using SPSS and STATA software.From the descriptive statistics educational level of household head, total land holding, market distance, storage facilities, transportation facilities, current price of onion seed, traders price setting strategy, low price of ware potato, limited types of seed variety, and access to credit, were problems identified by the sample respondents. However, Haramaya University, Haramaya area farmers cooperative union, governmental and non-governmental organizations are other opportunities for acquiring onion and potato seeds. The market actors in the marketing channels were public and private seed company, unions, traders, BoARD, Non-governmental organization and farmers.
The Case of Haramaya and Chiro District of Eastern and Western Hararghe Zones, Ethiopia