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Microfinance Impacts and Sustainability

Microfinance Impacts and Sustainability

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Microfinance is comparatively a new financial innovation plays an important role in extending financial access to the underserved population and promoting economic growth through inclusion of economically disadvantages population. Both Bangladesh and China have adopted microfinance to reach out and integrate their poor into the economic mainstream. Bangladesh adopted microfinance early on and has made tremendous progress in developing innovative micro-credit models, diversifying services, expanding outreach and achieving sustainability. China adopted microfinance in early nineties as the country has a great prospect and a huge demand of microfinance services in rural areas particularly in the state-designated poor counties. This is a unique book extensively examines the development process, welfare impacts and outreach & sustainability of microfinance program in China with special reference to Bangladesh. This cross-country study evidence can help microfinance practitioners and policy makers to gain a better understanding and leads to further methodological improvement and adoption of microfinance program for sustainable livelihood of the poor particularly the women.
Case of Shaanxi, China and Bangladesh