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Dynamics of Women Empowerment Through Micro-finance: Bangladesh Study

Dynamics of Women Empowerment Through Micro-finance: Bangladesh Study

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Blurb Micro finance(MF)is a well recognized & widely accepted concept in every economy of the world.It's an important mechanism of improving the quality of life of poor&lower income groups through group based economic and social inter-mediation.From that ground different organizations of Bangladesh(BD)have taken this program sincerely & despite some criticisms the journey is successful. The Study issues are clarified through in-depth diagnoses of earlier development policies and are analyzed using economic theories and statistics of both the latest and retrospective. Analysis of performance of MF programs of different organizations are meaningful and relevant.Result of impact of micro finance can be taken as a well-organized guide for readers.It is intended to serve as a guiding resource for academic researchers,students,professionals &for MFIs. Monzur Morshsed,lecturer of Economics.He has publications in Bangladesh & in abroad.Some of his self authorship&co-authorship articles are related with Rural and urban Development, Micro finance, Agricultural Trade and Marketing Management. He Has also three books on 'Economy of Bangladesh' which are now studying at University level.