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Tourism Entrepreneurships

Tourism Entrepreneurships

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In recent years, tourism is placed in the center of attention, for Albanian economy. One of the most coveted destinations of tourists is Saranda, which is known, as the "South Pearl" of Albania. Considering the fact, that for a long time, tourism was not seen as economic benefit, firsts tourism businesses were amateur, with no clear management and marketing structure. Study is focus in analyze of the factors that have had a positive impact on the development of tourism enterprises. Study goal accomplished not only with theoretical research, but it is built on the basis of separate opinions tourism entrepreneurships in Saranda, which have been observed for a long time, and are subject to some questionnaires. Analysis provides a clear picture of the impacts of such factors as, law, education, safety, natural and human resources, local government, etc; and the level of assessment, specifically directly from entrepreneurs. In this way, identify the practical business management strategy of tourism entrepreneurships, giving due importance to each factor.
Factors of Positive Evolution of Tourism Entrepreneurships in Saranda(Albania)