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Major Tourism Factors, Case Study From Patihani VDC, Nepal

Major Tourism Factors, Case Study From Patihani VDC, Nepal

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This book is an out come of the research in the field of tourism industry. This research has been carried out in small village of the beautiful country Nepal lies in the south Asia. This Research tries to identify key pulling factors on tourism. This book can be very effective for the people who want to get involve in a tourism industry. This book give overall information why people want to visit various places in the world and what are major things that plays the role on attracting tourists. The research data was taken from international tourists, hotel operators, local community and other related organization as well as stakeholders;result so obtained is based on authentic sources. This book also provide information about why Patihani VDC of Nepal(The country of Gautama Buddha and Mount Everest)is a new tourist destination in international arena. It will give full information about Patihani VDC and its major characteristics. I hope this book will helpful on attracting international tourists to visit beautiful country Nepal.