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Portfolio And Delinquency Management In Microfinance Institutions

Portfolio And Delinquency Management In Microfinance Institutions

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Given the importance of the services of Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) in serving the poor by providing(credit, savings,etc). Portfolio and Delinquency Management in Microfinance Institutions have become center stage by all meaningful individuals who has the personal mission to join in the efforts to fight poverty and facilitate wealth creation with passion and professionalism and also influence policy and decision making in favor of identified development strategies. In order to reduce credit ration they face and reduce poverty. MFIs tries to maximize repayment performance. In order for an MFI to be sustainable there should be high on time repayment rates,which may lead to reduction in interest rate it charges to borrowers to have access to credit.It may also reduces dependence on subsidies.It enables MFIs to raise new funds.This book delved into institutional best practices that should be adopted to benefit both the MFI and the Clients.The book is divided into five Chapters:Chapter one is the Introduction,Two is the Portfolio Quality,Three is Delinquency Management, Four is The way forward for suggested ways in Loan Recovery and Five is Conclusions and Recommendations.