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Strengthening Domestic Tourism in Rajasthan

Strengthening Domestic Tourism in Rajasthan

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In the realm of tourism one of the fastest emerging and perhaps the most neglected sector is Domestic Tourism. Specifically in the context of the state of tourism in India, despite persistent effort, the international tourists remains at the centre of commercial and cultural concern for the governmental and private agencies operating in the area. In fact what is most often missed out is the need to strengthen domestic tourism so that while it may create high commercial revenues from the domestic sector but at the same time the potential growth of this sector may lead to the strengthening of the infrastructure, resources and strategies that directly work as the major source of influence in the sector of international tourism. This book, therefore, helps in creating an environment and devising strategies which are conducive to the growth of domestic tourism. The case study of Rajasthan has helped in exploring vast potential and resources of the state, not only for the international tourists but for the domestic tourists as well. This work is based on the stigma of Domestic Tourism which has to be heard, to develop, to highlight and to make it a sustainable one.
Potential and Development Strategies