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Fundamentals of the Macroeconomic Forecasts

Fundamentals of the Macroeconomic Forecasts

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The global economy is far from being stable. This is why the forecasting activities become more important at macroeconomic level. The present work tries to offer a dynamic approach of the present economic problems, dynamics and solutions. It starts from theoretical concepts and finishes with case studies and, of course, with forecasts until 2020. The analysis of the forecasting methods is followed by the analysis of the most important macroeconomic indicators and their forecasting, in order to apply theory into practice. Basically, all forecasting methods used in the book are supported by the latest official statistic data and pertinent comments. Our analysis is focused on the EU economy under the impact of the Europe 2020 Strategy. The analysis in the book is not a descriptive one. It uses critical approaches to all forecasting methods and it suggests better solutions. Moreover, our approach is based on representative forecasting papers in the scientific literature.
Facing major global changes