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The luxury tourism as fashion or as expression of elitism

The luxury tourism as fashion or as expression of elitism

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Contemporary socio-economic conditions identified tourism as one of the leading industries in the global economy. Between 1990 and 2000 year, international travel worldwide increased by 51%. This dynamic development of tourism, determine some changes in the behavior of actual and potential tourists.Differentiated situation formed new and higher requirements on performance satisfaction, sustainability, uniqueness and quality guaranteed by the tourism industry. Despite the emergence of global economic crisis in 2008, which affected all sectors of the global industry, including tourism. Undertake researchers of international tourist market shows, the existence of an area that was not affected and even accelerated its expansion. Namely - luxury tourism.In essence it is an expression of the capabilities of a particular social group in society to divide with significant financial resources to meet the individual needs and interests related to tourist activity.It is not just limited to a certain hotels, resorts, yachts, cars, airplanes or tourist activities and services, but is different and global way of understanding of users and management of tourism business.