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Determinants of firm's financial performance

Determinants of firm's financial performance

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Firm’s financial performance plays an important role in the survival of a firm in the competitive business environment. It contributes to the economic development and welfare, as well as counts towards the critical success factors of a firm. It is of key interest to the investors and management with regards to the decision making related to a firm including the choice, performance evaluation, strategy and policies formulation, controlling and monitoring the performance of a firm. In this study, the authors have focused on finding the determinants of firm’s financial performance in the context of the Pakistan’s economy. The empirical evidence to support the study was taken from 19 cement firms listed in the Karachi Stock Exchange during 2009- 2013. These firms represent the cement industry of Pakistan; which is one of the top performing and non-financial sector of the economy.
An empirical evidence from Cement Industry of Pakistan