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Lithuanian Insurance Market Attractiveness From An International View

Lithuanian Insurance Market Attractiveness From An International View

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Have you ever wondered how attractive the Lithuanian insurance market is? Some economic parameters indicate that this market is potentially attractive, especially from a foreign point of view. However, how much can it be attractive since it only contributes to a relatively small percentage of the country''s annual GDP? Why do foreign insurance companies increase their commitment in the insurance market of Lithuania? Is it the country''s economical development, its population with a large number of potential customers and large amounts of asset which could be insured? What are the opportunities in the Lithuanian insurance market? How attractive is it to go into business within this market? This work investigates these questions with a focus on the analysis of the insurance companies and the competition in the market. It also analyses the players, the concentration and the competitive ability of the acting companies, how and why they play in the market, as well as the impact of competition and external environmental forces on the market''s structure and its results. This work should assist anyone interested in the Lithuanian insurance market.
Market Opportunity Analysis