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Joseph A.schumpeter's Views On Entrepreneurship And Innovativeness

Joseph A.schumpeter's Views On Entrepreneurship And Innovativeness

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Schumpeter attempted to present the dynamic mechanism of economic system.Aim of this study,considering the developmental processes of the concepts "entrepreneurships" an “innovativeness” is to discuss the views of Schumpeter handling the entrepreneur as a person realizing the innovations.In this direction,the concepts of entrepreneurship, entrepreneur,innovativeness,sort of innovation, and innovation models are handled.The views of economists belonging to Classic, Neoclassic,Austrian and other Schools about entrepreneurship and innovativeness are given place and the thoughts of German Historian School and Walras being effective in shaping of Schumpeter’s thoughts about entrepreneurship, a comparison is done.Then,the role of entrepreneur is emphasized in market and competition and the way Schumpeter handles entrepreneur in his book called The Theory of Economic Development and the reflection of change in the view of entrepreneurship in intellectual world in the book called Capitalism Socialism and Democracy are shown.Also,Schumpeter's perspectives on innovation, as discussed in his book called Business Cycle,is handled.Finally,a general evaluation of working is presented.
The Terms Of Entrepreneurship And Innovativeness In The Economic Thought: Joseph A. Schumpeter