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Marketing of Milk and Milk Products in Southern India

Marketing of Milk and Milk Products in Southern India

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This book has analysed the value chains of milk and milk products in the co-operative and private sector dairy plants of Salem District, Tamil Nadu based on the data collected from one co-operative dairy plant,one private dairy plant,five milk transportation routes,ten co-operative societies,ten private milk collection centres and six chilling centres for the year 2007-08.The overall average procurement cost per litre of milk has been found higher for the co-operative dairy plant than the private one due to increased cost on milk transportation,chilling and reception.The co-operative plant has been revealed more efficient in the manufacture of toned milk(TM),standardized milk(SM),full cream milk(FCM)and ghee whereas the private plant has an edge over co-operative dairy plant in the manufacture of butter and SMP(Skimmed Milk Powder).The marketing cost of TM,SM,FCM and SMP has been found lower for the private dairy plant and of butter and ghee for the co-operative dairy plant.The marketing margins and marketing efficiency have been found higher in TM,SM and butter for the private dairy plant and in FCM,ghee and SMP for the co-operative dairy plant.
A Comparative analysis of co-operative and private dairy plants