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Synthesis and pharmacology investigation of Furoquinoline derivatives

Synthesis and pharmacology investigation of Furoquinoline derivatives

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This is the research work carried out under the guidence of Dr.B.H.M Jayakumar swamy. I acknowledge my parents for their constant encouragement and love throughout my life. Quinoline is having wide range of pharmacology and biological activities which inspired us to bring novel quinoline derivatives. We made an attempt to bring out three ring system, by incorporating furan(five membered ring containing oxygen within the ring)into quinoline.We finally acheived the desired target and in getting more potent antimicrobial, invitro antioxidant and wound healing activities respectively, when compared to unsubstituted quinoline. I hope after reading this book the young pharmaresearchers in industry , good academician in various colleges and all the people of world will gain the knowledge regarding furoquinoline, its importance as well as researhers will try bring still more novel furoquinoline derivatives in future which will be usefull for the treatment various diseases.your blessings and suggestions to me is always appreciable. Thanking you yours Author N.Pramod Assistant professor ANCP, Rajampet, Kadapa A.P, India