Banking Crises,  and  Asset Markets  in Emerging Economies

Banking Crises, and Asset Markets in Emerging Economies

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While the banking crisis in the 1930s was primarily a liquidity problem, the crisis in investment banking in the US around 2008 was more a solvency issue. The first part of this book deals with banking crisis, liquidity and solvency. The focus is on capital adequacy as a way to ensuring greater stability in banks. The second part of the book deals with asset markets in emerging economies. Real assets can be as important as financial assets in any economy. This is even more the case in emerging economies. So the usual paradigm with focus on financial assets alone is inadequate as real asset markets have their own nuances particularly in emerging economies. This book deals with both real and financial assets. It encompasses issues like adverse selection, liquidity crunch, undervaluation or overvaluation, segmented markets, and even corruption related to these assets. This book is useful not only in the area of finance but also in development economics. Students, researchers, practitioners and policy makers can benefit from this insightful, fresh, interesting, and carefully written book. It can be useful for a long time.
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