Multicriteria Finance System  Evaluation & Sustainability Analysis

Multicriteria Finance System Evaluation & Sustainability Analysis

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Development of transitional finance systems, also growth of their sustainability is an priority in macroeconomic advancement strategy. Comprehensive examination supposes the creation of sophisticated theoretical and methodological basis. The Ist chapter deals with the promising technique for integrated assessment of the country’s finance system development. The analitical insights for reasoning the strategic development decisions (compatibility) based on MCDM methods are presented. In II chapter a 3-stage system for multicriteria assessment of financial markets including favourability for entrepreneurship was developed; the SAW and COPRAS methods are applied in this case. The IIIrd chapter is addressed to complex performance evaluation of mutual funds, forecasting their future prospects as well as influencing macro factors based on multicriteria evaluation methodology. An integrated sustainability analysis technique adopted for management systems incl. finances and designed through a balanced scorebord approach was proposed in the IVth chapter. The book should be useful to professionals in Finance Management and or anyone else who is interested in multicriteria evaluation systems.