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Globalisation, Internationalisation, H.Resources, Industrial Democracy

Globalisation, Internationalisation, H.Resources, Industrial Democracy

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Collapse of the Soviet Union and the fall of the Berlin Wall heralded a neo-liberal economic system known as Globalization. Few years into the euphoria associated with global capitalist triumphalism, several problems have emerged.Labour has been made to bear the burden of global capitalist hegemony, and the pro-capitalist argument that in the long run the benefit of globalization would yield a trickle-down effect in terms of employment has turned into a mirage.The -ve impact of the global economic machine on the average working classes is the cause of widespread global tensions. The treatise contends that technological advancement leads to job destruction, retrenchment, temporary jobs and direct structural unemployment. Globalization has placed more emphasis on capital and economic competition instead of on HR development and growth. This book has exposed the shortcomings of capitalist globalization in relation to HR and industrial democracy, by investigating the activities of Transnational Corporations, Transnational Practices, position of the state in the current global order, global HR and the state of industrial democracy and working conditions under different economic pattern.
A critical exploration of economic prodigies