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A Study on Production And Marketing Of Papaya In Gujarat state

A Study on Production And Marketing Of Papaya In Gujarat state

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The information on cost of cultivation/production as well as the efficiency of resources will be useful to the government for devising appropriate policies for papaya growers. It will be useful to credit institution in deciding the scale of finance for crop loans and schedule of repayment. The results of the study will also be helpful to the papaya growers in reallocation of their resources in order to improve the productivity. The study will be helpful to the farmers in minimizing the costs and raising the net returns and in planning of their production and marketing operations. Marketing costs and margins assume particular importance in predominating agricultural country like India where agricultural price policy aims at safeguarding interest of both farmers (producers) and consumers. In this regard, economic analysis of horticultural produces assumes great significance. The study also covers the economics of papaya production and marketing as well as economic and technical constraints faced by the papaya cultivators. It envisages suggesting possible corrective measures to bring about the desired improvement in production and marketing of papaya.
An Economic Analysis of Production and Marketing of Papaya (Carica papaya L.) in Tribal Taluka of South Gujarat