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An Investigation into Food Consumption Patterns

An Investigation into Food Consumption Patterns

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The level of food consumption patterns and analysis of changes in such patterns determine how much a nation and its inhabitants are poor and may also help to determine whether there have been some positive improvements in the nation’s health. This study mainly aims to determine the different factors influencing the level of consumption of food and its composition in Rural Peshawar, Pakistan. The data was collected from each respondent (lady heads of the household) through an interview schedule/questionnaire. For the analysis of data the consumption estimates were converted into per capita food consumption, and on the basis of calories estimates the calories intake was computed. When compared to national and international levels, the study area’s calorie intake (2411) is about equal to Pakistan’s average (2431) for 2000-02, but is lower than the world, developed countries, developing countries and Asia & the Pacific region countries’ averages, which, respectively, are 2803, 3314, 2667 and 2674 (FAO, 2005; p.150).This suggests recommending increase in food consumption through (a)increase in food production and its availability to general masses and (b)increase in consumers’ income.
A Case study of Rural Pehawar, Pakistan