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Corporate Financials and Equity Returns

Corporate Financials and Equity Returns

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This Book focuses on the Influence of Corporate Financials with Equity Returns. Since the economic and industry-specific factors are common for all the companies in an industry, it is expected that the underlying performance of the companies determines the returns from the equity shares of companies in the industry. Further the analysis progresses with inter-comparison and cross-verification of the individual companies in the industry with the corresponding private sector company on a sample basis. Therefore, the present study has carried out an industry-wise investigation whether equity returns are influenced by the corporate fundamentals or not, and also a general performance of the various parameters of the financial institutions has been carried out. For the purpose, public and private sector financial institutions have been selected. The sample scrips selected are PSB’s quoted at BSE, consistently during the period 1992-93 to 2008-09 were selected. It has been found from the regression results that the book value of share and dividend per share are the only independent variables which significantly impact the equity returns.
A case of Public Sector Banks and Financial Institutions in India