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Banking Sector Reforms

Banking Sector Reforms

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The Financial sector is very essential to any economy be it developed or underdeveloped economy. Therefore reforms in the financial sector has become imperative especially in those economies that may be experiencing downturn in their economy. The reform in many economies especially developing countries were informed by the dismal performance of the macroeconomics variable i.e increasing unemployment, poverty, inflation and falling GDP growth rate etc. A well balance financial sector is beneficial to the economy because it makes it possible for savings mobilization and a more efficient financial inter-mediation. This book throws more light on financial sector reforms in Nigeria and how it has affected the macro-economics variables such as unemployment GDP growth rate, inflation, interests rate, private savings, wage rate level of infrastructural development, bank branches etc. The book also throws more light on the importance of the financial sector reforms to an economy, more especially developing economy. the book will be of more importance to policy makers post Graduate Students Specializing in Finance Economics Development and Banking. It will also be good for Researchers.
Impact of Banking Sector Reforms