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Marketing improvements in the supply chain for domestic produce

Marketing improvements in the supply chain for domestic produce

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This book is a study on the aspects of domestic country bias for agricultural products, aiming at understanding the trend and the psychology of the phenomenon. We highlight how the importance of the recognition of the country of origin has led to a vast apparatus of international laws and international disputes. Finally, we conducted our analysis that reveals the most desirable characteristics for an Italian typical product. The purpose is to give directions to the producers on how to commercialize their product, in other words, what improvements along the supply chain would be most valuable to consumers. We also conducted an evaluation of the economic viability of potential improvements in the supply chain for a specific domestic agricultural produce, the early potato, throughout the estimation of pricing possibilities in the Italian market. Such improvements concern the production methods, the distribution system (i.e., carbon footprint certification,) the respect of certain ethics (i.e. fair trade,) the type of packaging, and information concerning the origin.
Legislation, Consumer Behavior, Estimation of market penetration potential