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Integration of Marketing Communications in Historical Development

Integration of Marketing Communications in Historical Development

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It has taken advertisers many years to develop integrated advertising communication strategies that could incorporate many or all traditional marketing communication channels that developed separately, such as billboards, magazine advertising, television and radio. All of the marketing communication channels were usually integrated with one another in order to produce messages that were comprehensive as well as unified across all of these channels. However, the rapid development and growth of Internet communications resulted in the need to review traditional approaches towards advertising to accommodate the new communication medium. Initially (in the late 1990s) there appeared to be a lot of confusion about the role Internet communications were to play in advertising campaigns and whether they were destined to supplement traditional marketing communications or to replace them. It was also not clear how to combine interactive communications with non-interactive ones. This book (Ph.D Thesis) discusses issues involved in integration of traditional and interactive marketing communication channels.
How to Integrate Websites and Magazine Advertisements