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Environmental Performance of Eco-Tourism Accommodation

Environmental Performance of Eco-Tourism Accommodation

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Eco tourism is a growing industry in many developing countries particularly tropical regions which contain diversity of flora and fauna that not available in four season countries such as Europe and United States.The benefit of ecotourism include increased foreign receipts, infrastructure development, job creation, new market for locally produced goods, increased government revenues through fees and taxes by visitor and protection of natural areas that might otherwise be converted to alternative uses. However, the current trend of eco accommodation providers seems oriented to be larger, more international hotel type luxury accommodation, operated by major chains, or to resorts in the wilderness. Paradoxically, in some areas, there may be resistance to allowing any form of fixed roof accommodation in more natural areas. In particularly, accommodation and hospitality services including hotel, resort and compounds continue to be the most criticized tourism component because of their potential negative impacts in the natural and cultural environment.
Evaluation of Kuala Tahan, Pahang National Park of Malaysia