Co-Operative Societies Financed by ICDP in  Himachal Pradesh

Co-Operative Societies Financed by ICDP in Himachal Pradesh

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Present book is an outcome of Ph.D work , the main objective of the present study was to assess the impact of ICDP investment in meeting project objectives of the co-operative societies. The co-operatives are rendering services in various areas like production, finance, marketing, personnel etc. Co-operatives have admittedly been accorded a position of cardinal importance in the rural economy of India. More than 50 percent of the rural population has been covered by co-operatives. It is emerging as a third major sector in India. In the socio-economic development process there are many important and vital areas, where the co-operative way can be instrumental in uplifting the standard of living, economic status of the rural poor. In a state like Himachal Pradesh, co-operative sector is playing an important role in accelerating the economic pace and the co-operative is a necessity of the state to generate employment to local people. There are more than 4404 co-operative institutions, which are working in the state. These institutions are providing not only the financial help to the rural people, but also providing training and employment generation programmes.
a study of Kullu district