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A study on Marketing Mix of Marine Fish in Nellore District

A study on Marketing Mix of Marine Fish in Nellore District

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Fish is one of the highly perishable commodities and it occupies a very important place in socio-economic development of the country. A large section of economically underprivileged population in India gets livelihood by fish sector . Andhra Pradesh, on the East Coast of India, is the fifth largest state in India, not only in terms of area and population, but also in marine fish production. In spite of the fact that the fish is important diet, it is indeed the economic value of fish that spur production in Andhra Pradesh. There is abundant of research on operations of marine fish but not on consumption of the same. This research on marine fish give very insightful observations on consumption and other factors of market. While, individuals don't buy much fish, but their consumption is not so negligible. As far as price is concerned it appears that they may not mind spending money on marine fish once the consumer determined to buy. The cluster analysis gives more interesting findings in terms of people characteristics as who buy what? how much they really spend? significance of age and gender in consuming marine fish and etc.
A Cluster Analysis on Consumer Preferences and Attitudes Towards Marine Fish