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Relational Capital of International Joint Ventures in Vietnam

Relational Capital of International Joint Ventures in Vietnam

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The issues of relational capital has received increasing interest in business both research and practice. This book presents the study of factors affecting relational capital and performance of the IJVs based on a survey of local managers of the IJVs in Vietnam. The finding revealed that conflict management, flexibility, goal clarity and the age of IJVs as a control variable have significant impacts on relational capital. The results also showed that ralational capital and the age of IJVs were significant predictors of the joint venture's performance. The implications of the proven factors from the research and a model for interactive relational governance of IJVs were provided to help business parties of both sides to alleviate conflicts and focuss their cooperation more on the critical factors to build the relational capital for a more successful joint venture. The book, therefore, can be accessible to business managers, researchers and the public at large.
Cooperation For Success