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Bank Financing for SMEs under Institutional Voids

Bank Financing for SMEs under Institutional Voids

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Anecdotal evidence suggests that private small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) have limited access to bank loans. What factors influence the bank loan availability and loan terms? A growing body of literature on the factors influencing bank financing of SMEs has not yet fully addressed several issues. Firstly, there is a lack of a model that accounts for firm growth stages in accessing bank loans. Secondly, the distinctive impacts of interpersonal and inter-organizational bank relationships have not been addressed. Thirdly, the impact of firm’s networks on bank financing is largely overlooked. Finally, there is a lack of empirical tests in transition economies. This book helps narrow this gap in the literature by employing an institutional perspective and argues that a firm’s legitimacy positively influences access to bank financing. This book indicates that the effects of inter-personal relationships, networks and management practices on bank financing are contingent on a firm’s growth stage. This book provides implications for small business borrowers, bankers, and policy makers in identifying areas that need to be improved to facilitate growth of SMEs.
The Case of Vietnam