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Impacts of Foreign Banks on Domestic Banks Businesses

Impacts of Foreign Banks on Domestic Banks Businesses

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In this research work, we examine the three major factors that give prominence to foreign banks which impact the local banks businesses. 1. Technology 2.Consumer Loans 3.Customer Services. We introduce a new comprehensive data based on survey questionnaires, for 55 banks locating in Germany, France, Turkey and Pakistan. In term of impact we document that technology, consumer loans and customer services are salient factors that affect the local banks businesses. If the domestic banks succeed to implement these three factors in their banking structure, they can excel into competitive market and would be able to aggrandize compare to foreign banks in a competitive environment. In particular the bank managers can employ this analysis to identify the relative position of their banks as opposed to their foreign competitions.This will enable the local banks to identify the most important competitive advantages/disadvantages compared to foreign banks and to develop measures to take advantage of their relative strengths points or to tackle with existing disadvantages. For that we develop hypothesis and get response from each bank’s employees to approve our hypothesis.
Overall Case Study on Developing Countries