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Moderating Effect of Mobbing in Tourism Sector

Moderating Effect of Mobbing in Tourism Sector

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The role of human resource management has significantly increased along to transition to a new economic paradigm where organizations and companies are tendered to administer a universal manpower to gain sustainable expansion and growth. However, the modern development of society is characterized by growing tensions in social interaction and sudden economic changes, determining the formulation and solution of the psychological safety within social environment of the organization. One of such current tensions is workplace mobbing. Mobbing is a phenomenon which is neither simple nor unfolding according to a specific scenario. The book tries to explore reasons by reviewing workplace mobbing and observing types of mobbing behavior through using data of quantitative research. The survey has been conducted in the hospitality sector which indicates a significant growth of mobbing among a group of hotel employees. In the light of these essential HR issues and its vital importance, the book will be useful to HR managers and practitioners relevant to any organization working in the industry of hospitality and tourism.