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Risk Management in Project Supply Chains under Dynamic Portfolios

Risk Management in Project Supply Chains under Dynamic Portfolios

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Supply Chain risk management (SCRM) is of growing importance these days, and the high level of complexity and the rapidly evolving business dynamics associated with supply chains greatly affect their performance. Although there has been much work done in the domain of SCRM, it doesn’t focus on the Project supply chains specifically under dynamic portfolios. In this book, we focus exclusively on project supply chains under dynamic portfolios, identifying the risks associated with them, and investigating the most efficient risk management techniques, through literature as well as practice based evidence.We present a holistic framework for Risk management in project supply chains that operate under dynamic portfolios. This framework has been developed after an extensive research on risk management frameworks as proposed by scholars and practitioners. The framework encapsulates the essential risk driving actors, risk assessment techniques, and the risk management strategy devised through a careful literature review of pre-existing work, amalgamated with a practical case study.