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Role of Transcendental Leadership to Increase Organization Performance

Role of Transcendental Leadership to Increase Organization Performance

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The role of the transcendental leader is needed to assist in achieving the workers happiness and satisfaction with their jobs and in the same time helping the organization to achieve business objectives and allow the employees to flourish within the organization. The main objective of this study is to analyze the role of transcendental leadership to achieve organization performance using workers job satisfaction as mediating variable. All the data is statistically analyzed using the Structural Equation Method model. Findings of this research indicate that there’s a positive effect between transcendental leadership; workers job satisfaction and organization performance; in which workers job satisfaction has the greatest effect into organization performance, meanwhile the transcendental leadership doesn’t have significant effect directly into organization performance. The future research should consider the importance role of the leader for organization performance by setting-up core value within organization. This study is the first, to the researcher’s knowledge, to see the effect of all dimensions of transcendental leadership into workers job satisfaction.