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Banking Behavior of Islamic Bank Customers

Banking Behavior of Islamic Bank Customers

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The Term Islamic Banking is now not remained new in Pakistan. Islamic Banking has gained much recognition in Pakistan Financial Market. The conventional banking sector is the major competitor of Islamic banking. Higher competition demands Islamic banks to be more customers oriented and show superiority in their products and service. In order to acquire major market share, Islamic banks must consider their customers approach, satisfaction and awareness level towards it. Among issues covered in the study were customer’s understandings of Islamic banking in Pakistan and also the awareness, usage and satisfaction level with various Islamic banking products. It further analyzes the bank selection criteria of customers and service quality of bank. The study reveals that there is significant relationship between customers’ awareness of Islamic bank products/services and their education level and also there is relationship between customers’ satisfaction with various products/service and their length of relationship with bank.
A Study on Islamic Banks' Products and Services