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Consumer Attitudes towards Customized Marketing

Consumer Attitudes towards Customized Marketing

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This research monograph delineates target marketing strategies with the main focus on Customized Marketing. In Marketing “one size fits all” does not apply. “Customized marketing” or “mass customization” is such an important strategic approach whereby elements of the marketing mix are individualized for each customer. This monograph deals with two empirical studies in which 300 Bangladeshi consumers living in Dhaka city were interviewed regarding their experiences with and attitudes toward mass customized products. The major findings were that attitudes towards customized marketing are being gradually positive. Nearly half of the respondents reported buying a personalized product and these buyers were very satisfied with their purchases. The most likely buyers of this type of product tend to be well educated consumers, younger, and higher than average income levels. Our findings suggest that there is a market for all kinds of personalized products in Bangladesh. Marketers should target downscale consumers with strategies designed to change negative attitudes before sales are made.
Prospects and Possibilities in Bangladesh