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Indian banking sector

Indian banking sector

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In the recent years, Indian banking sector has been undergoing rapid changes, reflecting a number of underlying developments. The most significant has been advances in communication and information technology, which have accelerated and broadened the dissemination of financial information while lowering the costs of many financial activities. Another key impetus for change has been the increasing competition among a broad range of domestic and foreign institutions in providing banking and related financial services. This book provides some reflections and perspectives on the history, growth and recent developments in the Indian banking sector. The book also deals with the necessary foundations and fundamentals of Indian banking specifically, which is one of its own kinds in the whole world. The book is useful for the Bankers, Finance Executives, Teachers and Researchers, Students of specialized courses like BBA, B.Com, MBA, MFC, M.Com., C.A., ICWAI, C.S., PGDBM, JAIIB, CAII, CFA etc. It can be used as a reference text by all those professionals and students who are directly/indirectly related to finance and banking disciplines.
Perspectives and reflections