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A Study On Mathematical Finance Models

A Study On Mathematical Finance Models

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In order to minimize the cash outflow, an optimization model for a manpower system is considered, where in the vacancies are filled up based on promotion and recruitment. A mathematical model is constructed based on the mapping of a manpower system with an appropriate Queuing Model and Transportation Model with the objective of recruitment cost minization. Essentially, the standard portfolio optimization problem is to identify the optimal allocation of the available limited resources based on the limited set of investments. In this juncture, the term optimality refers the tradeoff between the perceived risk and the expected return with the help of Preemptive Goal Programming model and Integer Programming Model. Investment decisions are based on the risk-return patterns. Appropriate measures of risk and return are of great concern to investors. CAPM, based on market beta, addresses this concern quite well. But, an alternative CAPM can also be thought of. An attempt is made to construct a model for measuring the corporate profitability performance and identifying the risk category of companies applying accounting beta [?] based on the CAPM model.
And Their Managerial Decision Making Applications In Business Enterprises