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Customer Loyalty In Retail Banking

Customer Loyalty In Retail Banking

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The banking sector globally has experienced drastic changes that have resulted in deregulation and liberalization, increased demand for non-traditional services including the automation of a large number of services and a move towards emphasis on the customer rather than the product and the introduction of non-traditional players who now offer financial service products.Customers are more demanding, more financially educated or informed,more cost and price conscious than hitherto.Many of these trends have resulted in cut-throat competition, mergers, acquisitions and reorganizations in the banking sector.All these changes have led to increased attention to customer relationship,service quality,value and satisfaction to create customer loyalty.Retail banks have to develop and sustain customer loyalty in order to create and maintain a competitive advantage.Given that achieving customer loyalty in a competitive environment is difficult and that it remains ambiguous about its determinants, this book attempts to show the extent to which service quality, perceived value and satisfaction contribute to customer loyalty in retail banks.This will improve their competitive positioning.
The Effect Of Service Quality, Perceived Customer Value, Satisfaction And Customer Loyalty In Retail Banking