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Marketing and Distribution Strategies of Rose and By-products

Marketing and Distribution Strategies of Rose and By-products

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Floriculture has now made its place in commercial world. Rose has great commercial importance as there is great demand for fresh roses, dry petals and by-products like rose water, rosejam, etc. not only in domestic market but also in the export market. Ascertaining the importance of rose and its byproducts, the present investigation was undertaken to study production and marketing practices adopted by the farmers, traders small scale industries and exporters engaged in this field of activity. The monograph discusses and analyses the marketing mix and practices adopted by rose farmers, traders and exporters and aims to estimate the emerging exports opportunities for rose and by-products as a result of opening up of markets abroad. It attempts to investigate into the problems and constraints in the marketing of rose and allied products. It is helpful for horticulturists, extension agencies, government, farmers, traders, exporters and small scale industries in deciding appropriate strategies and programmes for improvement and promotion of production and economic environment for rose crop and its byproducts.
Issues and Implications