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Culture and Leadership in Turkey

Culture and Leadership in Turkey

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Cultural studies provide important information for the international business. Although most of these studies have examined culture at a national level, the need to perform deeper studies has been recently recognized. There are already a number of studies looking into different subcultures inside national boundaries. Turkish culture has been examined at a national level by many researchers but data on subcultures has been scarce. With this book Dr. S. Kuzulugil hopes to contribute to this under researched area. Based on a doctoral dissertation, this book identifies value-based subcultures in Turkey and describes them based on values and demographic characteristics. Leadership preferences of various cultural groups are also of interest to multinational businesses. This book attempts to develop a nationally endorsed ideal leader profile for Turkey. This ideal leader profile is examined for each subculture, attempting to match each subculture with their ideal leader attributes. "Culture and Leadership in Turkey" is a reference book for researchers, students and multinational company managers before they take a post in Turkey.
An Empirical Study on Value-Based Subcultures and their Leadership Preferences