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The Effect of Marketing Model on Employee Recruitment

The Effect of Marketing Model on Employee Recruitment

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In the beginning of this study, we explore the documents of corporate marketing, internal marketing, employee recruitment and special wear resistant steel industry in China. Then we briefly introduce the issues which the special wear resistant steel industry in China encountered while recruiting sales engineers. In this study, the issues and the solution process of recruiting sales engineers are divided into four stages which are the gestation period, the planning period, the implementation period and the acceptance period. The problems encountered and the solutions of each stage will also be reviewed. This study will also interview the accepted sales engineers to verify the impact of this marketing model to the sales engineers. Finally, the conclusion will provide a marketing model on how to match the job seekers with the recruiters, which the human resource departments in different industries might refer to. It may also provide a reference to different marketing channels such as the recruitment of sales engineers in the internet community. My purpose of this work is to rapidly build an excellent team with recruitting sales engineers in China.
Taking Example from the Recruitment of Sales Engineers in Special Wear Resistant Steel Industry