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Business Intelligence in Indian Banks

Business Intelligence in Indian Banks

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Due to global competition, technological breakthrough, changing regulatory requirements, customer expectations, structural changes, environmental concerns and economic conditions have increased the complexity of decision making process. The decision making depends on quality of available data, tools and technology, trust, flexibility and sound judgment taking capability of decision makers. Business Intelligence solutions facilitate the decision makers to correct their intuition by taking advantage of analytical tools, which can test and verify intuition before applying it to the decision making process. The mainstay of Indian economy has been the strength of its banking system. With rapid development in the field of information technology, the use of business intelligence practices in banking sector has increased many folds. The current state of decision making is forcing banks to reap the real benefits of business intelligence. This book is based on the empirical study of BI solutions in selected Indian banks. The research is particularly useful for practitioners, consultants, researchers, students and policy makers in the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance sector.