Ecotourism and Livelihoods among the Maasai in  Ngorongoro, Tanzania

Ecotourism and Livelihoods among the Maasai in Ngorongoro, Tanzania

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The study provides firsthand information on how eco-cultural tourism contributes in improving the social economic well being of livestock keepers in Ngorongoro Conservation Area (NCA), Tanzania. The work brings forth the current opportunities and challenges of ecotourism in Maasailand. The study begins by identifying the current eco-cultural initiatives practiced by local communities in the NCA. It also examines factors that drive communities to opt for tourism enterprises as alternative livelihood strategies in the area. The work further analyses barriers that preclude community participation in ecotourism projects. The question on how eco- cultural tourism could become an effective means of development and conservation is also examined. The study acknowledges that Ngorongoro, Tanzania has abundance of opportunities of ecotourism industry. But its effective practice and implementation is not promising due to lack of commitment of supportive authorities and poor planning strategy with combination of integrated conservation and development. Thus to run ecotourism project properly, principles and theories of ecotourism be considered a major base.