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Investing in Human Resources for Competitive Advantage

Investing in Human Resources for Competitive Advantage

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The content of the roles in HRM continue to increase and shift, while resources are constrained. If we do not step forward with compelling HR leadership, the future will be determined for us. One thing is certain, HRM is evolving and the profession will either be driven reactively by external changes or will more proactively define its own future. As HR leaders we are challenged to guide the many changes needed to continue the HR evolution. This book, “Investing in Human Resources for Competitive Advantage,” highlights a number of issues for HR Managers that are necessary in this kind of unstable environment. The topics discussed include;Introduction to HRM and Environment, Human Resource Planning, Job Analysis, Recruitment and Selection, Onboarding of New Employees, Performance Appraisal, Job Evaluation, Training and Development and Succession Planning. The second last chapter takes a look at Employee Health and Safety, and the last chapter discusses about the Recent Trends in HRM. The author has recommended this textbook as a reference book for business professionals working in the field of HRM, for Tutors and Lecturers, or Learners pursuing a career in this area of HRM.